Red Champagne

Flavours of spiced apple and apricot, and berry aromas. Red Champagne gives that touch of class and feeling of occasion. The perfect compliment in all champagnes and fine beers.

Red Champagne is in high demand for use in cocktail bars and clubs across the world. Its popularity continues to grow as cocktail artists, bartenders and chefs alike begin to experiment and discover new and amazing ways to incorporate its flavours into there own unique creations.

In the orchards, Red Champagne consistently proves its place amongst the true commercial cultivars. Year round vigour and good tolerance to mites and fungal diseases make it a mainstay for serious orchardists. Red Champagne is also a great variety for supplying the restaurant and bar industries as it has year round flushes of flowering on top of its heavy spring flower, allowing supply through all seasons. Its superior shelf, also makes it a preferred variety for use as a fresh fruit export.

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