New Varieties and stock just round the corner

A new supply of Gourmet Limes finger lime trees are just around the corner with some due to start to roll out of our nurseries as early as September. Unfortunately, as always, volumes are limited however we are confident both farmers and members of the public should be able to get access to some of this seasons plants.

Perhaps most exciting, is the impending release of 2 new commercial varieties, Aromarama, and Forest Jewel. Along with a new extremely robust and year round fruiting variety for the home garden and retail nursery sector called Ramro. If you manage to kill it we’ll give you another one free!

With our new upgraded propagation facilities and the stringent implementation of newly developed quality control and production protocols, we are very excited about the development the finger lime industry and our part in it.

Garnishing has never tasted as good as this

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introducing limes to sweeten a summer salad

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