The Potential

Everyone who has experienced the exquisite finger lime knows that it is no ordinary bush food.

Despite being positioned in a genus with millennia of human domestication the finger lime exhibits more genetic diversity and more potential than any of its citrus relatives.

Finger limes will prove to be Australia’s greatest contribution to global gastronome and it is Gourmet Limes goal to see this potential fulfilled.

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Our Philosophy

It is our goal to make finger lime fruit available for all to experience by facilitating the establishment of finger lime orchards with commercially superior varieties, and providing market and industry linkage for new growers.

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Growing Finger Limes

Demand for finger lime fruit continues to be drastically undersupplied.

All of our varieties are available for anyone who is interested in growing finger limes commercially, and we happily share all our knowledge from more than a decade of dedicated research on finger lime production systems.

Support services provided for growers include advice on best practice orchard management, post-harvest treatments, processing, product development and market linkage.

We have well established relationships with domestic and international supply chains and provide an open trading platform for all.

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Alternate Products

Thinking outside the box is a great way to get noticed.

Given the multitude of diverse citrus base products currently in the market, the finger limes superior fragrances and flavours offers amazing potential for adaptation to new and exciting high end products.

Be it finger lime based cosmetics and beauty products, or marmalades and syrups; some growers are cashing in by adding their own touch of magic.

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Always Fulfilling

Farming finger limes is often described as one of the most fulfilling pastime.

As they are a robust native species, they require very little pesticides and chemical applications.

Irrigation may be required in the drier times to keep their soil moisture levels perfect. With balanced fertilizing, mulching and pruning, consistent high yields can be achieved.

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Pink Ice

With slightly bitter flavors, reminiscent of juicy pink grapefruit, its marriage with gin or any relaxing beverage will leave even the most veteran connoisseurs lost for words. 

The intensely fragrant skin of Pink Ice really gives it a kick.

With its high phenolic skin flavours, Pink Ice is a versatile favourite suited to a wide range of drinks and dishes. One of the first commercialized finger lime varieties, it is well recognized by many chefs, club and bar owners.

Pink Ice is tall growing variety and is easy to prune, harvest and manage. With appropriate care, Pink Ice can produce high yields in the orchard with a single, medium length flowering period.

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The exceptional pop of the Crystals vesicles gives an unbelievable extra dimension to the texture of any salad.

You thought your salads were fresh before adding Crystal! Although well suited to your salad Crystal also serves well in desserts and many other dishes.

Crystal grows with an open form allowing for easy access for picking and pruning. This variety has very large fruit and can be vigourous, enabling the possibility of high yields per tree. Crystal has one defined flowering event allowing harvesting to be concentrated into minimal passes.

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Crimson Tide

An amazing deep deep red fleshed finger lime, fit for use as the crowning jewel atop the finest seafood dishes in the world.

Crimson Tide is a very rare lime. Only the lucky get to experience the Crimson Tide. Truly the sovereign garnish.

Crimson Tide is uniquely compatible with all dishes from seafood to salads, desserts to drinks. Crimson Tide is quickly earning its place as a premium finger lime.

Crimson Tide has a compact form and flowers heavily in spring with a low level of year round flowering. With peak fruiting time coincides with the Christmas / New Year period, Crimson tide demands top prices in the marketplace.

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Its acidity and mild aromas make it ideal for sneaking in that subtle finger lime taste into desserts by using it as a replacement for lemon.

Chefs are now coming back for chartreuse as its qualities are proving ideal for use in desserts and confectionary. Its subtle flavours are preferred in delicate dessert dishes and low levels of bitter phenolic compounds allow it to be processed for juice.

Chartreuse is a dense tree and prolific fruiter, fruit are a consistent size and quality. The caviar in the Chartreuse turn an attractive yellow when ripe and additional flowering events can extend the harvesting season for this variety.

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Red Champagne

Flavours of spiced apple and apricot, and berry aromas. Red Champagne gives that touch of class and feeling of occasion. The perfect compliment in all champagnes and fine beers.

Red Champagne is in high demand for use in cocktail bars and clubs across the world. Its popularity continues to grow as cocktail artists, bartenders and chefs alike begin to experiment and discover new and amazing ways to incorporate its flavours into there own unique creations.

In the orchards, Red Champagne consistently proves its place amongst the true commercial cultivars. Year round vigour and good tolerance to mites and fungal diseases make it a mainstay for serious orchardists. Red Champagne is also a great variety for supplying the restaurant and bar industries as it has year round flushes of flowering on top of its heavy spring flower, allowing supply through all seasons. Its superior shelf, also makes it a preferred variety for use as a fresh fruit export.

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